Should We Go There?

Letty: There is a plethora of teen shows for us to delve into.  It is hard to choose which ones to cover.  After looking through Netflix I stumbled upon the ultimate–DAWSON’S CREEK.  Do we dare enter the world of Pacey, Joey, Jen, and Dawson again?  We will be able to escape if we do?  Now that we are jaded and thirty, we will be able to handle Joey’s weird side-mouth talking and Dawson’s floppy hair?

JVDB says, “Bring it.”

Besides, if we don’t cover Dawson’s Creek, what are we going to do with the wealth of Van Der Memes we have on our hands?  IT’S ON.

Kolleen:  Yes! We must revisit Dawson’s Creek. I’ve been wanting to rewatch, and now that Katie Holmes is a freebird I feel like we owe it to her. I don’t want to wait….for the first post! Do it now!


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  1. So are you gals going to be reviewing eps as you go? Seasons as you go? Shows as you go? Tell me more about the format of this blogginess. I think ima gunna watch as you watch. Netflix style.

    • I am going to watch the first episode tonight, and hopefully the review will be up tomorrow or Friday. I am glad you are taking this journey with us. ::holds hand, intertwines fingers::


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