Dawson’s Creek: PILOT

Letty:  Let’s all jump in the Wayback Machine and set a course for early 1998.  I was 15 years old, wore jeans from Gap Kids, and had braces.  I had only kissed two boys and had not yet learned to use my body for evil.  This was the age of Dawson’s Creek.  I LOVED this show, I remember watching it with my high school befri. I’m not sure, but I think we used to tape episodes so we could watch them again and again.  I even had a Betta fish named Dawson.  Unfortunately, I overfed him and he died, much like my interest in the show.  Dawson’s Creek ran for six seasons, and I can’t say I stuck with it till the end.  But I am ready to tackle this shit now, JOIN ME.

So it begins.  It opens with a young lithe Joey Potter (Katie “Freebird” Holmes) and a floppy haired  Dawson Leery (JVDB) lying in bed watching the end of E.T. Dawson’s bedroom is plastered with Steven Spielberg posters hinting that he may have some interest in film.  Anyways, after the movie ends they flip over and catch the tail end of Dawson’s mother, Gail’s, newscast.  While Dawson quietly contemplates his mother’s Dynasty-esque hair, Joey slips on her shoes to leave out of Dawson’s bedroom window like a reverse Sam from Clarissa Explains it All ::guitar twang:: Dawson is baffled by this and asks Joey why she isn’t going to spend the night like she always did on Saturdays.  Joey spews out some nonsense about how they are  15 and  they can’t sleep in the same bed together because they are evolving and she has breasts and he has genitalia and things  are ~~changing~~. Dawson scoffs at the idea of them growing up and after some sexual tension filled play fighting and  unrealistic dialogue they go to sleep fully clothed with their friendship intact and unscathed.  OR IS IT?

dawson joey

Dawson is clearly a bed hog.

Now, this was all before the opening credits.  I may have to make this review a two-parter because a lot of shit happens and I get fatigued easily.  Interesting fact:  the pilot has a completely different theme song.  I sat there expecting the irritating but soothing warbling of Paula Cole but received some generic crap instead.  Meh. The next scene has Joey sunning her long ass legs when all of sudden she is attacked by the Creature from the Black Lagoon (Creek?). Then Mulder and Scully show up! Oh wait, it is just one of Dawson’s caaarrrazy film projects.  He likes movies, guys!  The monster is our beloved Pacey (Joshua Jackson) sporting an on trend Caesar cut.  Everyone on this show has such distracting hair!  I can’t handle it!  There is some light bickering between the gang,  when Dawson is distracted by a taxi that pulls up next door.  Out slo-mo walks one Jen Lindley (Michelle Williams)  accompanied by a soft glow and song that literally includes the words, “Hey, pretty girl” just in case the viewer isn’t able to discern Jen’s beauty themselves.

Jen Dawson

Boner City!

Dawson and Pacey ignore their hot wet friend Joey and go all googoogaga over this sassy blond from New York.  Jen has moved down to Capeside to help her Grandmother look after her Grandfather who just had open heart surgery.  I’m pretty sure that’s the only reason and not because she got into any kind of trouble in New York.  Everyone discovers that they will all be starting 10th grade together which doesn’t please Joey in the least but gives Dawson a definite half chub.  Dawson and Pacey discuss banging Jen when they walk in on Dawson’s parents making out hardcore in their living room.  They are so in love!  Dawson’s mom calls his dad, Mr. Man Meat, which made me inwardly cringe. Meanwhile, Joey rows her ass back home down the creek.  When she arrives home, we get some insight in to little Joey’s life.  She is living with her pregnant sister and her sister’s baby daddy who happens to be African American.  He is a chef or something and is working on a sauce that both Joey and her sister claims is, “orgasmic”.  Then with any sort of proper segue at all, we cut to Pacey and Dawson’s job at Screen Play video store.  Remember video stores?  They existed.  They really did.  It’s all in a day’s work until a hot older babe walks into the store and instantly Pacey’s interest is piqued.  This was before the term cougar was used, but Tamara Jacobs is a definite cougar, right down to the short, slinky sundress.

foxy lady

Foxy lady.

Pacey and Ms. Jacobs have a conversation laced with double entendres before she leaves renting The Graduate.  I don’t think  she could’ve been more obvious in her intentions if she had asked to rent the Mary Kay Letourneau Story.  I am really impressed with how forward Pacey is during their brief interaction.  If I were Ms. Jacobs I probably would’ve pulled him out back for a quick handy, but that’s just me.

After work Dawson heads home and finds Jen lounging on the dock seductively.  They yammer on about her grandpa and his interest in film and he invites her up into his room.  She seems vaguely impressed by Dawson’s Spielberg obsession and film making endeavors, but has to leave because her grandma is calling her.  Little Joey was waiting on a ladder  eavesdropping at Dawson’s window and waits to crawl in until after Jen leaves.  Dawson shows Joey a tape of his mom’s newscast and asks if she thinks his mom is having an affair with her co-anchor.  Are they?  We’ll just have to find out.

Part two of my review is coming tomorrow!  There is so much more to talk about.   The first day of 10th grade!  More weird 90’s hair!  Crazy sexy cougars!  STAY TUNED.

Kolleen:  Wow! I didn’t realize so much happened in the first episode of DC. I’ll have to watch too so I can keep up– I used to watch it on the phone with my boyfriend. Young love! We were just like Joey and Dawson, except we weren’t and I dumped him for this hot guy I ended up marrying.  And you KNOW that Jen is going to be trouble… this is exciting.


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