My So Called Postponement Part 2

Kolleen: Oh man, guys. I had an awful sinus infection last week and then went on a mini- vacation to New Jersey for a horror convention. Now I am 4 days behind on my schoolwork, so I have to postpone MSCL AGAIN. I promise I’ll get to it next week, and I’ll be wrapping up season 1 of DGN this week. Letty’s got some stuff for you too, so just bear with us. END OF SUMMER CRAZINESS Y’ALL.

Did anyone watch the new season of Degreassi? Wasn’t that play the best?!

Letty:  You accidentally typed Degreassi instead of Degrassi and I was going to fix it, but it made me laugh too hard.  Degrassi set at a fast food restaurant?

Kolleen: Le Degreassi, a fine- dining experience.


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