Oh, Canada

Letty: It is no secret that we love Canadians here at Thirtysometeen.  Canada has provided us with a such a wealth of amiable enjoyment and entertainment that I feel it is necessary to sing the entire country’s praises from the figurative roof tops.  This is a country that provided us with Degrassi and BRYAN ADAMS for goddamned sakes!

Boobies, thumbs up, and Bryan Adams. GET IT.

In addition to the glorious Degrassi, Canada also gave us a multitude of other teen shows. Here are a few of the openings from some of my favorites.  Do you remember these gems?

I found both of Ready or Not’s main characters, Busy and Amanda, to be extremely irritating, yet I watched almost this entire series.  How can you not like a show where the first episode is about buying your first bra.  ~~MAMMARY MEMORIES~~

TUCKER AND BECCA! WILL THEY OR WON’T THEY?  They are the Sam and Diane of Canadian tween television.  Flash Forward was the first original series that Disney created and set the high standard for many terrible television shows to come.

Breaker High was lighthearted show about your regular run of the mill high school located on a cruise ship, you know, just a normal, realistic school.  Except, RYAN GOSLING WAS THERE.  I had a crush on the Gos since he was on MMC, though to be fair I had a crush on most of the guys on  MMC including JC Chasez and Tony Lucca.  Imagine my excitement to see Lucca pop up on season two of The Voice. Since I’m already on an MMC tangent, does anyone remember the serial Emerald Cove that ran as a segment during the show?  It featured a lot of drama and Keri Russell’s hair.

Whoooooa wacky!  Look at all that caaarrrrrazzzzy animation. Student Bodies was great, I wish my life was just like this show.  Palling around with friends, working on the school newspaper, wearing awkward sweaters, SO MUCH FUN!

Of course, here we have the ultimate–Are You Afraid Of the Dark.  The episode about the shadow people still creeps me the hell out.  This show featured so many great Canadian teen actors, I don’t even know where to begin.  SNICK was the shit y’all.

There were so many other awesome Canadian creations, Edgewood, Radio Active, Space Cases, and I’ll be covering Fifteen in another post about Nickelodeon shows.  What are you favorites?

Kolleen: My 8 year old, Aidan, loves Are You Afraid of the Dark AND Degrassi. Maybe I should have him do a guest post?


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  1. Everybody needs somebody and in the mid-80s, I needed Bryan Adams! Thanks for the flashback.


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