Skins Series 1 Ep 2: Cassie

Kolleen: Oh sweet Jesus, lords and ladies, it’s Cassie’s episode! When it comes to Skins girls, Cassie is my ~dream weaver~ (Letty prefers Effy).  So I’m pretty excited about covering this. Remember I am not watching these episodes via Netflix as to preserve the integrity of the music. You can find a listing of the songs in this episode here.

Cassie is waking up from a long night of partying at Michelle’s house (her mum has gotten remarried ~again~, prime partying opportunity). Ewwwww. She has goo all over her hands! Is that vomit? We all know Cassie has eating issues, and it sure does look like vomit.



Nope, we’re safe. It’s just like, tapioca or something because this party obviously devolved into a food fight at some point. Cassie stands in her underwear and she is pretty thin 😦 (I’m not going to screencap that, because I don’t believe in having a screencap used as weird pro- ana fodder). She stands over a nude Chris, who has “I like boys” written in lipstick across his butt. Jal asks something I’ve never understood about the size of penises (I literally can not grasp what she asks here, someone clue me in– something about action stations? Is this a British thing?) and Cassie says “Poor Chris,” implying that Chris is not… well endowed. Or maybe he is? I have no clue.

She pulls on a gold dress that I COVET.

Screencap found on Tumblr

In the kitchen she notices that today is the day Michelle’s mum is supposed to come home. She sees Anwar praying outside and asks him if his God is listening; he says he hopes  not, otherwise he’ll know about all the drugs he did the night before. Cassie thinks he’s cute. Anwar verifies the date and she goes to tell Michelle, who is half asleep and lovingly calls her a crazy bitch and insists that her mum is due back tomorrow. Idiot. Before she leaves, Cassie kisses a passed out Sid on the forehead, leaving a lipstick imprint of her mouth.

Of course as she’s leaving, Michelle’s mom and her new douchey husband pull up. They exchange pleasantries and Cassie makes a break for it as Anna tells her she’s looking much better. Malcom body shames her as he is a piece of crap. As they enter the house, Anna screams, and everyone jumps out windows and the like. Seems right.

On the bus home, Cassie finds a note in her bag that says “EAT!”. She watches the other riders eating carelessly and is sad because she can’t do that. Having an eating disorder is the worst.



She arrives home, where her parents are basically banging on the kitchen counter as her baby brother stares at them from his high chair. They’re artists so I guess they’re way more sexually expressive and comfortable with their bodies than, say, normal people. She lies about eating at Michelle’s and her dad basically runs upstairs. Cassie asks if she can watch the baby for her mom, and reminds her that it’s her last clinic day and that she’s certain she’s gained the last half kilo needed to terminate therapy. Her mom is psyched for her in that “great, shut up, I want to bone your dad” way.  As Cassie changes her brother and puts him down for a nap, she can hear her parents banging in the next room. Yuck. So she pops something– E? I don’t know. I’d do drugs too if I were surrounded by these wackos. Also, what in the hell is up with this painting?

Also there is a painting of her mom ironing in the nude hanging in their kitchen-- no wonder Cassie doesn't eat

Also there is a painting of her mom ironing in the nude hanging in their kitchen– no wonder Cassie doesn’t eat

She then gets a text message from an unknown number that says EAT! Confused, she looks out the window, but no one is there.

Later, she comes down the stairs in yet another outfit I covet (green shirt with elephant applique; white pleated skirt), as her dad is painting her mom who is once more posing nude. Yuck. She reminds him the taxi is coming to get her, and he has no idea what she’s talking about. It’s really infuriating– these people know nothing about their daughter’s therapy. They’re totally wrapped up in their own weird crap. In the taxi, Cassie shoves weights into her underwear or skirt or whatever. Alan, the taxi driver, teases her a bit, and says he’ll miss her since she’s being discharged  He’s like the dad she should have; they even say they love each other. It’s very sweet. She passes her weigh in, obv, and when she goes into the hall another ED patient is water- loading in order to make weight. Unfortunately the nurse doesn’t take her in quickly enough, and she runs down the hall toward the bathroom.  Cassie meets with her doctor, who seems like a fake bitch to be honest, and as it turns out is Abigail’s mom (Abigail from the other episode, the one with the speech thing!). This doctor doesn’t even remember Cassie’s name. This is pretty spot on when it comes to mental health care nowadays. Cassie kisses her on the cheek to thank her and it makes the doctor melt down in an OCD fit. Cassie then attends her last group session, and who do we have here?



He goes on and on about how some kid screwed him out of a transaction and when he passes Sid’s ID around Cassie suddenly realizes what’s up! She must warn Sid!

Sid’s at school, getting way too many french fries (chips, in England) from a lunch lady dressed as a fish. It’s a little surreal. Also, he hasn’t bothered to look in the mirror today, because he’s greasy as hell AND he still has that lipstick mark on his forehead. Gross. Cassie joins him in a third outfit I love (yellow shirt, gray sweater, weird necklace with lizards on it). She notices he’s super gross and he explains he came straight to school. She arranges his food all weirdly and he confronts her about her eating habits. She demonstrates how she disguises her lack of eating, which he is sort of impressed at and also kind of bullshit over. While she’s showing him how she messes with her food she drops hints about how his ID is missing. This distracts him, which is the point. He says it all seems a bit fucked up and she says it’s really nobody’s business, and who cares anyway? He says he cares. Just as they are about to have a moment, Tony comes in, singing the praises of omega fatty acids. Tony points out that he has lipstick on his forehead and berates him for being a gross-out. Cassie saves the day by spilling Tony’s drink all over his pants. As Sid is leaving Cassie tells him Mad is out to get him, and of course Sid acts like he just found out his cancer has AIDS. As he runs screaming for the hills, Cassie notices his chips spell out “EAT”.



We cut to Tony drying his pants off in the female staff  locker room, where Angie is butt ass naked. Tony explains that the other dryer is broken. Then Sid walks in, to Angie’s chagrin, THEN Chris walks in! Chris tells them not to look at Angie and Angie tells them to GTFO. She acts annoyed, but when she leaves she looks at her boobs and says “Still got it”, which is something I do and say every day.

Cassie spies on Sid from the balcony at school, saying “look up if you like me”. He doesn’t look up.

In class, Angie asks Sid what’s bothering him and tries to make it all about her boobies. Sid explains to her that he owes someone a lot of money, and she tries to help him out, but when he tells her he never paid for 3 oz. of pot she tells him he’s fucked. I like teachers who are honest and down to earth. Chris comes in and half apologizes, half hits on Angie. Foreshadowing!

Cassie keeps getting “EAT” text messages and assumes they’re from Sid. But Sid and Tony are deep in discussion about what to do about the safety of Sid’s testicles. They’re barely listening to the teacher, who is trying to tell them that he’s going on holiday and they will gave a substitute. Do you know who that substitute will be? Can you guess?


Well now Sid is done for. He has a panic attack outside and everyone slaps him to have him come to. Then they all leave him because they don’t want to get involved. Some friends. Cassie misunderstands Sid’s phone usage (begging his mom to come get him) as she gets yet another message telling her to eat, and tells him he’s sweet but it’s unnecessary. Sid is rude to her, telling her he’s got problems of his own and he’s not messaging her. Poor Cassie. She tries to show him her phone and he tells her there are no messages. She leaves, embarrassed.  She goes home to see her family all having a great time without her and, dejected, runs upstairs and opens a drawer full of candy (England has the best candy).



Instead of eating the candy, she makes a call– not to her therapist, but to Alan the cab driver. She meets him at a diner and tells him about Sid, and the messages. If you notice, the word “EAT” is lit up behind her. She asks him who is telling her to eat, and he says she doesn’t need permission to eat. He reassures her that he loves her and she begins to eat her burger.


It’s pretty heartbreaking that the only person who has time to help Cassie in her life is a taxi driver for a mental institution, but I think Alan’s character is very sweet and endearing. I love him to bits. Sometimes help comes in the unlikeliest of places.

Covering Cassie is a bit bittersweet for me, because I suffered from an eating disorder for a lot longer than I like to admit. That being said, February is National Eating Disorder Awareness Month and next week is NEDA Week, so I will break from my jovial character to say that if you or someone you love needs help with an Eating Disorder, please click this link for help and resources.

From this episode: 

-“What are you on about” is my favorite British saying. It’s so much better than “what the hell are you blathering about”, which is what I usually say.

– Outfits I coveted from this episode: 2 1/2 (I don’t care for Cassie’s skirt the 3rd outfit in)

– Times Cassie changed clothes in one day: 4

-My favorite song in the episode: This Day by The Sleepy Jackson

And a new feature here at Thirty- Someteen: links to similar fashions in this episode!!!

Look 1:

Super cute socks! (Available at Forever 21)

Gold mary janes! (via Etsy)

Gold vintage dress! (via Etsy. This dress is really not close to Cassie’s, but I guess it’s lose enough? Any suggestions, send them our way)

Look 2:

White pleated skirt! (via Etsy)

60’s mod glasses a la Kurt Cobain! (via Etsy) — I have glasses just like these, vintage, but they’re too big for me 😦

You can get a teal shirt and add an elephant applique!

Look 3:

Yellow tank top! (available at  Delias)

Weird tights! (via Ebay)

Pink ankle socks!  (via Ebay)

Black T Strap shoes!  (via Aquapillar)

Grey cardigan! (Available at Modcloth)

You can make Cassie’s weird neklace with some plastic lizards, rats and snakes (try Amazon!) and some beads! If you do, send us a pic and we’ll post it on our FB!

EDIT: Click here for the Skins Unseen episode that corresponds with this show!

Letty: I’m excited about sharing fashion from the shows!  We are helping people!  You’re right about England having the best candy, Flake bars! YES, PLEASE.  Oh ~Cassie~, we love you.


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