We decided to spice things up around here. It’s still March, right? We still have 20 days left, right? Well, we want your super embarrassing  stories. We debuted our new feature, Ohmigah,  a little while back, but for the sake of alliteration we would like you to send us your most mortifying stories for the month of March (can you tell I went to a writing convention this week?).

At the end of the month Letty and I will review all submissions and select a winner. Then we’ll send that winner a cool gift box filled with goodies! Maybe you’ll win a lizard necklace, or pages ripped out of a vintage issue of Sassy (yeah right, we would never do that).

So, send your stories/ pictures/ repressed memories to us at OR post them on our Facebook wall. Whatever. Just get them to us somehow, we’ll showcase them, AND you’ll have a chance to win something.

We’ll have some reviews up later this week, so stick around for that, too!





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  1. I am slow as hell, and I JUST figured out what your blog title is all about. Thirty someTEEN instead of Thirtysomething. *Facepalm*

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