OMG More Mortifying March!

There is still time to enter our Mortifying March contest and win a Thirtysometeen prize box!  What’s in the prize box?  That’s a surprise, but know it will be filled to the brim with awesome on top of awesome.  Here are some more ~*embarrassing*~ stories to make your whole body cringe!

S writes: 

When I was in 8th grade we had this whole Middle School Graduation thing and our class president was in charge of making a video to show at our “senior assembly”. (I don’t know why we were so proud to be “graduating” from 8th to 9th grade, but we were). The class president happened to be a Hottie that I had a huge mega crush on. I was a super tomboy, played basketball, hadn’t quite figured out washing/styling my hair, but I still had a keen eye for the Hot Stuff when I saw it.

In any case, I was in the library doing something totally lame and nerdy when said Hottie approached me with a video camera to ask me questions for the video. GASP! He wanted to talk to ME about LIFE so I could be in HIS VIDEO! Obviously this was a huge step in our relationship. He asked me some basics – favorite class, favorite teacher – and then he asked “what do you want to be when you grow up?”
I have NO idea why I said it. I must have seen one too many episodes of Law and Order that year. But I said “I want to be a Forensic Pathologist”. IT GETS BETTER. He then asked what exactly that was and I said “It means you get to cut up dad people”.
YUP. I said that. To Hottie.
He politely finished our interview and I proceeded to my voice lesson where I cried (and I’m pretty sure that was the day my voice teacher told me my feet smelled; the very definition of being kicked while down). The best part? My statement made it into the final video. Not the “cutting up dead people” part, but the slightly more normal “forensic pathologist” part which was followed by a clip from Men In Black. SO THAT WAS GREAT.
R writes to us:
I was 13 years old and my friend Shannon and I were in a karate class.  We were the only girls in the class with about 15 other boys.  Well, as you know, the uniforms are white and wel,l I had a unwelcome visitor during class.  My friend leaned over to me and whispered to look in the mirror next time I did a kick.  Yep you guessed it, I started my period.  Everyone in the room had already seen it, I ran off the mat and into the bathroom, calling my mom, begging her to come get me. I was mortified, now I can look back and laugh, but it was most embarrassing.
OOOF.  We appreciate your submissions!  Keep emailing your submissions to  We look forward to reading your pain!

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