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I Have A Severe Problem With 90210

Kolleen: Hey everyone. I know we don’t review 90210 (even though we might, somewhere down the line, especially since it’s ending like next week), but I have a HUGE problem with it that I just have to get off my chest. 

On the show, Silver has a surrogate that is carrying her baby because Teddy donated sperm but doesn’t understand why she wants to raise the baby on her own. That kind of irked me, because like wtf, she found out she has to have a baby ASAP because of the cancer that is lurking around the corner (I know, this is really dumb), and Teddy, her supposed BFF, is being a huge assbutt. 

So she agrees to have this surrogate, who of course is like YAY until Dixon realizes this chick can sing, and wants her to go on tour and all this crap. Meanwhile, Adriana is being a bitch, saying all Silver cares about is herself, and everyone gets on this “we hate Silver” train. “She only cares about this ~baby~” they say, throwing some serious shade.

THIS IS A BABY. It’s not like she’s buying a new car! IT’S A LIVING HUMAN BEING! IT’S INSIDE ANOTHER PERSON! Of course she’s concerned with how her surrogate is acting or what she wants to do. SHE’S PREGNANT WITH HER BABY. OH MY GOD WHAT IS EVERYONE’S ISSUE? I can’t even deal with this. 

I am so glad this show is over. I went from really loving it to hate watching it. I mean it’s 90210, not Hedda Gabler, but still! 

What do you think about Silver? Is she a selfish B or a concerned mom?