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Warm Bodies!

Kolleen: Hey guys! Guess what? We got movie passes as a belated Christmas gift so my husband, our friend and I went to a double feature last night. I insisted on Warm Bodies for research purposes (and because I wanted to pretend I was on a date even though our friend was with us).  I thought it was ADORBZ. ADORBZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. Also we were the oldest people in the theater (at 31, 32 and 33). I swear the entire audience was in 8th grade.

Look at this thing of beauty. He is a joy forever.

Look at this thing of beauty. He is a joy forever.

While the pace is pretty slow until the end and you may groan by realizing Hoult’s character is named “R” and Theresa Palmer is named “Julie” and they may be playing off of Romeo and Juliet a bit (I didn’t read the book, so I can’t say if this is explored more– if you’ve read the book please let us know how it was!), you will at the least be mildly entertained and at most think it was a lovely blend of ~romance~ and horror. There’s a good supporting cast (Rob Corddry, John Malkovich, and Analeigh Tipton, who I am ashamed to say was recognized by MY HUSBAND as being an America’s Next Top Model finalist) and it’s just cute and clever as hell, man. It’s better than Twilight, anyway. Go see it.

Further reading since I am too lazy to actually write a real review: here you can read about Nicholas Hoult AND about how Skins was a good jumping off point for its actors. And you can see a picture of Hoult looking suspiciously like Jonathan Rhys Meyers.  Also, here you can read an actual review of the movie from our friend (and one of my biffles) Brian’s website, Horror Movie a Day, which is closing up shop in April. Check him out if you like horror stuff.

Warm Bodies did well this weekend so if you don’t get a chance to see it tomorrow, go see it this week or next weekend! Remember to let us know what you thought! Stay tuned this week for more Degrassi and Skins recaps. If you have a suggestion for us, please let us know!

(PS The second movie we saw was the new Stallone flick. It was WRITTEN by an 8th grader, I believe. Zzzzz.)