Hi, We’re Letty And Kolleen

We’re 30 and we act like we’re 14.

About Letty:


Letty is from Austin, TX and will never age due to having excellent genes. She considers this both a blessing and a curse because it makes it more difficult for her to buy Arbor Mist. When not watching Degrassi with her heavily bearded husband and chillaxed baby, Letty enjoys drawing pictures of cats and complaining.

About Kolleen:

Peace and stuff.

Kolleen lives in Massachusetts with her husband and her 8-year-old son. She is working on her MFA in Poetry at Antioch University in Los Angeles. She loves Degrassi: The Next Generation and 90210, but often will spend an entire weekend watching iCarly and Victorious. In her spare time she gets tattooed and sleeps a lot.


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