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New Year, New *~US~*

Hey everyone! Long time no see!

2013 proved to be a lot more hectic than we anticipated, and we didn’t get to update as much as we would have liked to. However, Kolleen got a new laptop and completed grad school, and Letty got a tattoo and went to Mexico! So at least we accomplished something.

Anyway, our resolution is to get this blog back on track, which means new reviews on old shows, the return of My So Called Mondays, new contests, and a lot of pining over Cook, Craig, and I guess any other teen heart-throbs with a name that begins with “C”!

If you have any suggestions regarding shows you’d like us to tackle, let us know in the comments, and don’t forget to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

-Kolleen & Letty

P.S. Did anyone watch those weird Skins episodes, “Fire”, “Pure”, and “Rise”? We didn’t yet, and we feel…unsure.



Oh Hi!

Kolleen: Hello there! Hopefully you’ve stumbled upon our blog because: 1) you are our friends and we told you to or 2) you are a teen and you like teen show reviews or maybe even 3) (the saddest of options) you are also in your thirties and think Degrassi is the best show in the world. I mean you’re right, it totally is. So, welcome to our meager blog in which we watch television shows aimed at 8-12th graders and review them because we’re bored. You can learn more about us if you click that tab up top that says our names, but if you’re lazy, I’m Kolleen, and this is Letty.

Letty: Before we start this adventure together I want to make a few things clear.  First off, we hate Clare.  So any reviews of current Degrassi episodes may include some unkind words about her.  This is fair, because she sucks.  Secondly, I have started watching Pretty Little Liars, but it is hard, because my husband keeps making derisive comments about it. Despite his harsh words,  I was really into the show until yesterday when I watched an episode in which the main character started singing and it made my face go like this: o__o  THIRD, Kolleen and I are the best.  We deserve to review shows aimed at tweens and teens because WE HAVE OUR FINGERS ON THE PULSE OF THE YOUTH.  So yeah, enjoy.

Please feel free to recommend stuff to us and leave us comments telling us to get a life or about how awesome we are and also please send Arbor Mist as soon as possible because we are fading fast.